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Redesignating I-95 in PA and NJ


This website has information regarding the redesignation of the highways in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, including which roadways are involved and how exits will be renumbered.

Project Time Frame


Get details on the project time frame and phasing of the redesignation work.


New Exit Numbers


Compare the original exit numbers to the ultimate exit numbers.


As a result of the Pennsylvania (PA) Turnpike/I-95 Interchange Stage 1 construction, which was completed in Fall 2018, I-95 has been redesignated along the Pennsylvania and New Jersey (NJ) turnpikes. I-95 is now routed from the new interchange with I-276 (PA Turnpike) east along the PA Turnpike, across the Delaware River Bridge of the NJ Turnpike Connector to New Jersey, east along the connector to NJ Turnpike Exit 6, and then north along the NJ Turnpike. This new interchange and resulting redesignation completes I-95’s missing link, making the interstate continuous from Florida to Maine. […more background info]

Original and New Roadway Designations in PA & NJ

The following maps show the Stage 2 work that will occur in the future, original roadway designations, and current designations.

Sources for Additional Information

Check these external links for information about this undertaking as posted from various agencies involved:

Multi-Agency Coordination

This highway redesignation project is being coordinated and completed with cooperation among:


Federal Highway Administration


Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission


New Jersey Department of Transportation


Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission


New Jersey Turnpike Authority


Pennsylvania Department of Transportation


Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

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