I-95 Link
1. Why is this interstate redesignation in Pennsylvania and New Jersey taking place?
The opening of the PA Turnpike/I-95 Interchange flyovers will complete I-95’s “missing link.” As such, I-95 will be re-routed along the PA Turnpike from the new interchange in Bristol, Pennsylvania over the Delaware River Bridge into New Jersey, and north along the New Jersey Turnpike to meet where the northern stem of I-95 currently begins in New Jersey today. In conjunction with this I-95 designation, the previous I-95 segment north of the PA Turnpike needed to be redesignated as I-295 -- from the PA Turnpike, through Bucks County, Pennsylvania, crossing the Scudder Falls Bridge into New Jersey at US 1 / I-295.
2. Why was I-295 extended, rather than designating the route as another number (i.e., I-395)?
Representatives from federal, state, and regional transportation agencies coordinated with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO)’s Special Committee on U.S. Route Numbering.  The Committee felt that an even-numbered designation, indicating a beltway/loop configuration, was more appropriate, as the conversion connects the expanded I-295 with I-95 in both Wilmington, Delaware and in Bristol, Pennsylvania. An odd-numbered designation does not apply here, as odd-numbered interstate numbering is reserved for spur routes.
3. Where does I-295 begin and end now that its re-signing is completed?
I-295’s southernmost terminus remains at I-95 in Wilmington, Delaware. The interstate has been signed with the North/South cardinal directions in New Jersey to the Scudder Falls Bridge, along the Delaware River upstream of Trenton. At that point, I-295 continues into Pennsylvania, designated as I-295 East/West until its new termination point at the PA Turnpike/I-95 interchange.
4. Why does I-295 switch from North/South to East/West near the Pennsylvania/New Jersey state line?

Officials from the Federal Highway Administration, New Jersey Turnpike Authority, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, New Jersey Department of Transportation, and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation held meetings years ago to determine the best redesignation option.  During these meetings, the officials discussed the advantages of each option.  Part of the discussions evaluating future designation options indicated that there had always been driver confusion in New Jersey at the I-295/US 1/I-95 interchange and approaches, and that the impacts of the selected alternative needed to consider those drivers, as well as those who use portions of the interstate between US 1 and the Scudder Falls Bridge.

Ultimately, after a submittal to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO)'s Special Committee on U.S. Route Numbering, the I-295 extension was recommended as the preferred option. This even numbered option was selected due to the segment's new configuration as a loop/beltway, connecting I-95 in both Bristol, Pennsylvania and Wilmington, Delaware. The option was formally approved in May 2015.

The determination for the cardinal directions was also part of the recommendation by the Special Committee on U.S. Numbering.  The North/South directions in New Jersey were directed to maintain consistency with the rest of I-295 throughout the state, addressing previous driver confusion, mentioned above, at the I-295/US 1/I-95 interchange.  The East/West directions in Pennsylvania were directed in order to reinforce the obvious exit/departure from the I-95 North/South alignment at the point of the new flyovers (current PA Turnpike crossing in Bristol, Pennsylvania), which will be opened this Fall.

The final result provides a natural transition point from North/South to East/West at the Scudder Falls bridge (PA/NJ state line).  It also allows for an extension of continuous I-295 North/South mileage and exit numbers in New Jersey, while distinguishing it from the segment of I-295 in Pennsylvania. 

5. How will the I-95 conversion affect traffic patterns/congestion along the routes?
Because I-95 will be re-routed onto the PA Turnpike east of the new interchange in Bristol, Pennsylvania, cars traveling to destinations further north (I-95 through traffic) can utilize this new route to remain on I-95. The PA Turnpike/I-95 Interchange project has been designed to accommodate this anticipated increased traffic flow.
6. What are the tolling changes associated with this redesignation conversion?
There are no future tolling changes associated with this redesignation conversion. Within the re-signing limits, a westbound toll (implemented in January, 2016) is collected via E-ZPass and Toll by Plate along the Turnpike Connector Bridge across the Delaware River.
7. I live in New Jersey and work in Pennsylvania. How will this change affect me?
New Jersey residents who previously used I-295 to I-95 South via the Scudder Falls Bridge for interstate travel can continue to use the same physical routes. However, I-95 South in New Jersey has been redesignated as (a continuation of) I-295 North across the Scudder Falls Bridge, where it now changes to I-295 West in Pennsylvania to the PA Turnpike. For a full list of interchange exit number changes, please find a comprehensive graphic here.
8. I live in Pennsylvania and work in New Jersey. How will this change affect me?
Pennsylvania residents who previously used I-95 North and the Scudder Falls Bridge for interstate travel can continue to use the same physical routes. However, I-95 North in Pennsylvania above the PA Turnpike has been redesignated as I-295 East to the Scudder Falls Bridge.  Upon crossing into New Jersey, the designation changes to I-295 South, which can be traveled throughout the state of New Jersey to the Delaware Memorial Bridge. For a full list of interchange exit number changes, please find a comprehensive graphic here.
9. What types of physical improvements/construction are included with the renumbering?
The physical improvements/construction associated with the renumbering include overlays on existing sign panels in addition to new sign panels and/or new sign structures where required by design standards.
10. I use Google Maps, Waze, Garmin, TomTom, etc., regularly when I travel. Will my navigation application(s) be capable of adapting to this change?

Yes. You may have already noticed that several of the mapping applications are currently showing the new designation for I-295 North/South on the New Jersey side of the Scudder Falls bridge.  The agencies’ representatives have continued to coordinate with mapping/navigation applications’ representatives to facilitate the implementation of the change. Additionally, as the applications are user-based, this has helped to dynamically transition the change in the interstates’ designations. To supplement the changes, “old exit” numbers and portable message signs will be utilized throughout the transition time period.

11. Will the activities associated with the re-signing require traffic detours?
None of the construction activities associated with the redesignation will require traffic detours.
12. How can I access the latest news and traffic advisories?
Detailed information for each agency/project can be found by clicking the links in FAQs 14 through 17 below.
13. Which interchanges have been renumbered to date, and which will be renumbered in the future?
The redesignation signing changes along I-295 in New Jersey have been completed.  This includes the extension of I-295 North/South from its previous terminus at Route 1 to the Scudder Falls bridge.  Additionally, the I-295 conversion has also been completed in Pennsylvania where it changes to I-295 East/West.  I-295 East/West terminates at the PA Turnpike. The new exit signs are supplemented with "old exit" signs to reduce confusion. The comprehensive exit number changes of the interchanges that have been re-signed, can be found here.
14. Where can I find more information on the PA Turnpike/I-95 Interchange Project?
Additional information on the PA Turnpike/I-95 Interchange Project is listed on the project’s website.
15. Where can I find more information on the Scudder Falls Bridge Project?
Additional information on the Scudder Falls Bridge Project, for which the redesignation signing activities have completed, is listed on the project’s website.
16. Where can I find more information on NJDOT’s Redesignation Signing Project?
Additional information on the NJDOT Redesignation Signing Project, for which the redesignation signing activities have completed, is listed here.
17. Where can I find more information on NJTA’s Redesignation Signing Project?
Coming soon.